Testimonials from previous patients

I have seen many different conditions in the many years I have been practicing and each individual's diagnosis and treatment is different. Here is some feedback from some of my former patients:

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Recurring cystitis

Kathleen, 82 from Leeds

Kathleen is 82 and had suffered from chronic cystitis for many years. She was permanently on antibotics which caused her further discomfort. She received weekly treatment for six months and managed to come off her antibiotics and her symptoms disappeared.

I met Rachel Stocker when I was looking for help with a persistent infection which had resisted prescribed antibiotics for months. Acupuncture was my last resort, but I was cynical. Rachel gave me confidence, I was able to relax and enjoy the experience. The effects of the acupuncture have been lasting and I am very grateful to Rachel. Her confident and quiet manner made the whole experience effective and enjoyable.          

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Lorraine, 45 from Ripon

Lorraine was a busy 45 year old mother taking her accountancy exams. She was finding the revision for exams extremely stressful and felt very low and exhausted. She had trouble sleeping and was so low in energy she did not want to socialise and had very little motivation. Elaine had weekly treatments for 8 months and found her energy levels and ability to stay calmer and to sleep well changed dramatically. She felt much more focused and philosophical about her studies and exams, and went on to pass with flying colours.

Rachel treated me for chronic fatigue syndrome initially and then for stress while I was studying for accountancy exams. After an initial consultation Rachel formulated a treatment plan and explained how acupuncture can work and how I might benefit from the treatment. After treatment I always felt calmer and relaxed. Rachel was always caring, an excellent listener and very efficient in the way she conducted the treatment. She was never invasive and always had time for me.

Neck and lower back pain

Eric, 78 from Boroughbridge

Eric was a fit and active 78 year old who was in increasing pain from a problem with his neck and lower back. He had 13 weeks of weekly treatments and found a significant reduction in his discomfort. He then came to the clinic for a treatment once a month to keep symptoms to a minimum.

Since my late teens I have suffered with neck and lower back pain due to an active sporting life in my younger years. Now in my late seventies I have found acupuncture to be the one effective treatment to alleviate the discomfort. I had complete confidence in Rachel’s ability and care, which I feel makes the treatment more effective. The whole experience was one of calm professionalism. 

Stress and anxiety

Gail, 29 from York

Gail was suffering a great deal of anxiety and stress due to various difficult things going on in her life. She had 5 months of treatment on a weekly or bi-monthly basis and found her sleep, energy and moods improved. She felt more able to cope with life and making decisions was easier for her.

I found the treatment with Rachel to be excellent both in terms of the results she achieved and her professional manner. I always felt better after the treatment than when I had first walked in! She not only offered assistance with my physical symptoms but also assisted with the underlying emotional links. I would recommend her highly.

Problems after childbirth

Alex, 34 from Ripon

Alex had a few problems during the birth of her first child. She came to me with crippling headaches which were preventing her from breastfeeding her new baby or resting and enjoying being a new mum. She had a month of twice weekly treatments and the headaches were alleviated very quickly. 

I have nothing but praise for Rachel. She helped with the most horrendous headaches following a problem with an epidural during the birth of my first child. The headaches were gone within days of treatment and acupuncture was the only thing that helped. Thank you Rachel!


Marnie, 46 from Ripon area

Marnie was a busy working mother of two teenage girls and had suffered from severe depression for years. She had weekly treatments for almost a year and found within the first three months that her depression was slowly getting easier to cope with. She found after a year, with advice from her gp that she could reduce her medication for her depression for the summer months. She felt a huge improvement in her moods and quality of life following her acupuncture sessions.

I was not sure what to expect from acupuncture and have suffered for so long from depression. I am so glad I gave it a try and stuck with it. Rachel communicated with my doctor on a regular basis and I really felt that I was finally on top of my depression thanks to the acupuncture.